SPFM Rules & Regulations

Rudy York Park - 3209 180th St NE, Arlington, WA 98223

Fridays May 7 through September 24 of 2021

2pm – 7pm



Friday Markets

  • Vendor Set Up Will begin at 12:00pm.  Unload and park in designated parking.   There is no booth parking.  All vendors need to be ready for business at 1:30pm.

  • If you are running late please text Aria at 206-707-5826 (State your business name). SPFM helpers will help with unloading and set-up if you arrive late.

  • Call 206-707-5826 by *Noon* the Tuesday before the Friday market if you cannot attend on a reserved date.  We will grant, in most circumstances, acceptance of a Vendor’s cancellation, and roll forward payment to particular Market day.

  • Cancellation Calls later than Noon the Tuesday before Friday, or no shows, will be charged for that day's space fee. No Exceptions.  If you continue to cancel or no show, your space will be forfeited completely.

  • With Covid, At-Risk shoppers will begin to enter the Market at 1:30. Please be ready.

  • Throughout the Season, our weekly goal is a safe, happy, and harmonious Market for All Vendors, Customers, and Market Staff alike

  • You are required to have two sides for your tent.  No front or back panels allowed.  There must be a side panel between you and the vendor next to you.  


End of Day Checkout

  • Record sales in all applicable categories on your Tally Card.

  • Return Tally Card to the Manager’s HQ in Market Packet.

  • Do Not include Sales Tax in your weekly sales totals.

  • Pay Booth/Sales Fee with cash, credit card begins @ 6:30



  • Do not dump Vendor-generated waste in trash receptacles located around the Market. They are for customer waste only.

  • Haul away your own garbage.

  • Clean your booth space and any debris (zip ties, toothpicks, etc.) you and your customers generate.

  • We will strive every market day to leave the grounds in the same or better shape we found them.


Packing Up/Tearing Down

  • Takedown of your canopy/signage/products starts at 7:00 p.m. If you sell out early, leave your canopy, a table, and your signage up. 

  • The Market must be clear of Customers before any Vendor vehicular access, typically ten to fifteen minutes after closing.

  • NO early departure. If an emergency arises, please see Management.  Leaving early will result in your contract being void.  You must wait until 7pm or an all-clear from SPFM Staff.



**All Vendors must provide their own canopy and displays.

  • Canopies are vulnerable to wind. Secure you canopy with proper weights. (see WSFMA below). Washington State Farmers Market Association.

  • Without proper weights, your canopy cannot be raised. This rule is enforced. Management will inspect your canopy's weights each week. 

  • Make sure your weights do not create a hazard. Tether them inside your canopy footprint. Safety First!

From the WSFMA regarding tents/weights:

  • "All Vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Farmers Market site during normal periods of Market operations, including the set-up and break-down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down."

  • "Any Vendor who fails to properly anchor their canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that Vendor chooses to take down, stow their canopy, or secure each canopy leg with no less than 25 lbs. (pounds) anchoring each leg."

  • (This requirement originates with Market Liability Insurance)

**Double check your weights are loaded in your vehicle for each Market Day!



Your business name should be clearly visible to all customers via a banner, A-board, or a fixed sign.



All Business and Health Licenses must always be available at every market.



According to WA State law, your scales must be certified, accurate, and visible to the customer during all transactions. https://agr.wa.gov/


REFUND POLICY: Booth Space Fees are non-refundable.

  • Except if Cancel NO LATER THAN NOON on Tuesday, and we will roll forward to your next scheduled Friday market.

  • No-shows (no call, text, email, or personal message received) the day of the Market, Vendor will forfeit their space and rental fees at 1:30pm.

    • (2) no-shows (no call, text, email, personal message received) are grounds for loss of designated space.

    • After the first no-show, SPFM will issue a warning, with No exceptions in the second instance.

  • If someone is coming in your place, please make sure they have the market number to contact in case something happens: 206-707-5826


Food Vendors

Ready-to-eat food vendors must follow permit requirements regarding food handling, hand-wash stations, sanitizing, hot and cold temperature minimums,

All Vendors with product requiring chilling, must provide their own ice and coolers.



NO wholesale pricing allowed.  SPFM is a RETAIL environment.


Courtesy and Consideration

  • Notify Market Staff immediately of ANY unsafe conditions, suspicious characters, confrontations, or emergencies.  A First Aid kit is available at Market HQ.

  • Please make sure your booth is set up with the space you are allotted (10x10 or 10x20)

  • Do not obstruct aisles or your neighbor's booth with product or signage.

  • Electricity is not available on site. Concessions Vendors are required to provide their own ‘quiet’ generators. 


Community Conduct

**Vendors will conduct themselves courteously and professionally. Behavior otherwise is grounds for expulsion.

  • Smoking: The Friday SPFM venue is a smoke free zone. NO tobacco or non-tobacco products such as E- cigarettes/vaping products, or cannabis are allowed within the Market footprint.  You must walk 25' away from the Market area to smoke.

  • Only service animals are permitted.

  • Sale or gifting of live animals is not allowed.

  • Product sampling is limited to your Vendor space only (if permitted this year due to covid.  We will keep you updated on if this is allowed)

  • Be Kind. Show respect, patience, and understanding; demonstrate sensitivity to all Market attendees. 

  • Market Staff are available for assistance throughout the day.



  • SPFM does NOT allow any form of Discrimination.

  • SPFM enforces a zero-tolerance policy against any form of racism, sexism, or 'prejudice-motivated harassment, abuse, or crime.'

    • First offense – a written warning will be issued to the Owner of the business(s) involved, and two consecutive weeks, or two-market days vending suspension will be imposed. All Fees will be non-refundable.

    • Second offense – Immediate and permanent expulsion from the Market.


Vendor Insurance & Liability:

  • Vendors to have insurance in place on Opening Day, or your first day of participation. Washington State Farmers Market Association’s, and SPFM designated insurance carrier is, Campbell Risk Management 

  • To sign up with Campbell Risk Management: 

  • You are not required to use Campbell, but the alternate carrier you use must have similar insurance limits and coverage, and The Smokey Point Farmers Market, must be named as an Additional insured.


SPFM (Smokey Point Farmers Market) is not responsible loss or damage to canopies or inventory caused by fire, theft, critical weather conditions, accidents, tsunami, etc.


Application Categories

Grower:  Included in this category: fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, honey, eggs, seafood, meats, plants, flowers, fresh and dried herbs, and wine.

Processor: baked goods, and processed items such as, cheese, pasta, salsa, jams, oils, sauces, infused vinegar, teas, coffee, beer, hard cider, fermented, and other prepared foods.  Dog treats are also included here.


  • All items must be handmade by the vendor or family member. 

  • All items are juried prior to being accepted.  Any item not handmade or accepted will be asked to be removed from your table.  A continuation of this issue will result in the vendor not able to participate in the market. 

  • Products not allowed include make it yourself kits, multi-level-marketing, direct sales, catalog sales, party planning, commercial, or second-hand items. 


The market reserves the right to refuse service to anyone based on the above rules, or other concerns market management deems to be in the best interest of the public and SPFM. All decisions regarding these rules are binding and final.