Once upon a time, three friends came together to build a better business for themselves, their friends, and those around them.  What started with one venue for craft fair events, then grew on to two.  But they didn't stop dreaming or helping others. Dreaming even bigger, they opened a storefront together. Continuing to dream, they reach new heights and invite you to join along.


People have asked why we chose The Crafty B's as a name for our company.  We not only coordinate events but also have full-time jobs, our own small businesses, and families we care for.  Our passion is with helping small businesses succeed and providing venues to make this possible.  With everything we do to make sure our company(s) is successful, we truly are busy as a bee - thus the inception of The Crafty B's.   

Come venture down the path on small businesses supporting small businesses!    

Aria Ballard
Vendor Relations

Owner of Chain Me Up Boutique, specializing in Handcrafted Chainmaille Jewelry and Accessories.  Aria holds an MBA and loves the business creative process to making things happen. In her spare time, she raises a family and writes her latest novel! 


"Never let anyone steal your wings" - Maleficent


Sandy Boo
Customer Relations

Sandy is the owner of My Curse Purse, an exclusive line of offensive products.  She loves to be creative and meet new people, which makes her perfect for greeting our customers.  In her spare time she can be found with a glass of wine, a cat curled up on her lap, and a Seahawks game on.  The cat hair?  Oh ignore that, it's just her glitter!


"Wine, my other favorite four-letter word" - Unknown

Rebbecca Ripperger

Owner of Etched by Designs. Rebbecca has been building her business by etching one glass at a time.  Her love for number crunching has her busy with three jobs, all while raising a family at the same time.  In her spare time, she can be found working on a new project ... or two.  



"There is time enough, but none to spare" - Charles W. Chestnut

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